Where a little investment goes a long way

It only takes small regulatory adjustments and minor investments to give the tourism industry a big boost.

For years, Qeqqata local council on Greenland has been concentrating on giant development projects the likes of an aluminium smelter, offshore oil exploration and an iron mine. With these projects put on hold indefinitely, local councillors and public administrators have plenty of time to concentrate on smaller, and perhaps more sustainable, development projects, Herman Berthelsen writes in a column in The Arctic Journal

- Qeqqata is looking forward to next year, when Hudson Resource’s anthorsite mine near Kangerlussuaq Fjord is slated to open. A number of seafood processors have opened new facilities, while others say they plan to do so. But mining and fishing aren’t the only industries that are growing. We’ve also seen increasing economic activity related to tourism.Most of this growth comes from cruise ship visits. Part of the reason seems to be the new public wharf in Sismiut in 2013, which has has made it easier for ships to land, Berthelsen wrtites. 
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