When you can’t get there from here

Travelling to the North is possible (if expensive). Travelling in the North, is significantly harder.

The news that WOW, an Iceland-based discount carrier, start offering cheap trans-Atlantic flights this spring caused something of a stir on the internet today, The Arctic Journal reports.

Part of the buzz is related to WOW’s price: under $100 on routes between the US east coast and European cities. Others, meanwhile, have hailed WOW’s arrival as the the long-awaited start of true competition among low-fare trans-Atlantic carriers.

WOW, though perhaps the cheapest, is not the first airline to strip away frills in order to offer lower prices to Europeans and Americans. IcelandAir, which, like WOW will, routes all flights through Keflavik Airport, has developed a reputation among travellers for its often lower (if not quite discount) prices, as well as for its more casual attitude. 


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