Vil samordne russisk politikk

Russland må styrke og samordne sin arktiske politikk, kanskje ved et senter som får ansvaret for gjennomføringen, sa president Vladmir Putin forleden.

Det russiske nettstedet Arctic Info skriver:

According to Putin, to keep Russian influence in the region, and not to be left behind and get ahead, it is necessary to improve the quality of state administration and decision-making. To do this, Putin proposed the creation of a single center of responsibility for implementing Arctic policy.

The president emphasized that the modern world poses new risks and challenges to Russia's national interests, including in the Arctic. "The attention of the international community to the Arctic region is increasing. Here, increasingly the interests of Arctic States and other centers of power intersect and collide," said Putin. According to him, the international legal process of the outer limits of the shelf of the Russian Federation in the Arctic has to defend every part of the continental shelf and the sea.



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