Political storm around over expense scandal

Public funds ha sbeen used to pay for private flights and hotel stays.

Greenland’s premier Aleqa Hammond is the centre of a major financial scandal. She has been using public funds to cover personal expenses, a revelation that may cost her the premiership, NORA Region Trends reports.

Greenland’s premier, Aleqa Hammond, has been using public funds to pay for personal expenses, a press release from the Parliamentary auditing committee revealed on Friday.

The premier had built up a personal debt of more than DKK 100,000 (USD 17,000/Euro 13,500) with the treasury in the last year. She paid the debt earlier this month. 

Aleqa Hammond has used public funds to pay for private flights for her family, hotel stays for her family, restaurant visits and minibar expenses. She has also used public funds to pay for a private party,sermitsiaq.ag reports.