Polarområdene sett fra Berlin

Tyskland er ikke mest kjent for sin polarforskning, men det finnes store miljøer. The Arctic Journal innleder en en artikkel om tysk polarforskning slik:

Just south of Berlin nestled in a densely forested part of the city of Potsdam lies the Alfred Wegner Institute (AWI) for Polar and Marine Research, where scientists far removed from the ice and frost of the polar regions work to understand the changes currently taking place in the coldest regions of our planet. The institute’s main offices are located in the western German town of Bremerhaven, where it was founded in 1980 when the then-Federal Republic of Germany signed the Antarctic treaty. AWI takes its name from the German polar researcher who is also considered to be the father of continental drift theory. Wagner tragically died while on a research expedition in Greenland in 1930, aged 50.

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