More cooperation in the Arctic

Working together will make the three countries of the west Nordic more attractive and formidable Arctic players.

The West Nordic Council recently concluded its annual meeting, held this year in Vestmannaeyjar.

The West Nordic Council is a co-operative body made up of representatives from the legislatures of Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Its goal is to promote the interests of the three countries, protect the natural resources and culture of the North Atlantic and to promote co-operation between all three governments,, Arctic Journal reports:

The West Nordic Council has a powerful voice in the Arctic if we work together. Our countries have small populations: they make up 10 percent of the entire Arctic population and 20 percent of its land area. But our geographical location –  in the North Atlantic, between Europe and North America, and with ever improving sea access to east Asia – will make us even more attractive in the years to come.



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