High salaries for faroese fishermen stir debate

"Faroese fishermen earn almost three times as much as the average Faroese, which is not ideal from an economic perspective."

Crew salaries in the Faroese fishing fleet are record high, but experts warn that the flow of money in the fishing industry could have long term reverse effect on the economy, NORA Region Trends reports. 

The pay rate in the Faroese pelagic fleet is particularly high, with an average of roughly DKK 1,5 million last year. Also the deep sea trawlers, whose primary catches are cod, haddock and pollock, are doing well, and pay their crew members nearly DKK 1 million a year.

The Faroese fishing fleet is almost entirely staffed by men, and this could have a reverse effect on both gender equality and long term economic prospects for the Faroes.