Hard-core picking for the wily Alaska berry hunter

When you pick an Alaska blueberry -- or salmonberry, cloudberry, mountain huckleberry, or high-bush cranberry -- be proud. You killed that fruit with your bare hands. That’s hardcore.
- Berry picking is the easiest, safest, least exertive outdoor “Alaskan” activity I can think of, except maybe watching Northern Lights, which I can do from my living room (see what I mean about being lucky?). Not only are blueberries easy to spot, with or without polarized sunglasses. Like drive-through espresso stands, their sheer number and availability boggles the mind, Geoff Kirsch writes in a blogpost in Alaska Dispatch News.

- So it isn’t hunting. It’s gathering, and that’s pretty close.When you pick a blueberry -- or salmon berry, cloudberry, mountain huckleberry, or high-bush cranberry, while we’re naming local berries -- that’s exactly what you’re doing: having yourself some dead Alaskan [expletive]. And you killed that [expletive] with your bare hands, too. That’s hardcore.