Greenland’s teens get a lesson in being young

Don’t let the name fool you, urban culture in the North has a lot more to do with your state of mind than your address.

What does urban culture have to do with Greenland? More than you’d think, although maybe not so much to do with cities. Or at least not in the Southern perception, The Arctic Journal reports.

“Anywhere you have two teens together, they create urban culture,” says Susanne Andreasen, an event co-ordinator from Nuuk who is seeking to get Greenland included in Nordic Urban Challenge, a biennial competition among teens in the Nordic countries.

Nordic Urban Challenge organises competitions in a number of teen-oriented activities, like skateboarding, street basketball and rapping – all accompanied by a healthy does of graffiti and music. The goal of the challenge is, of course, to win, but organisers also emphasise the process of personal development, the website writes.