Entrepreneurs Distill First Arctic Whiskey in Far North Norway

The Arctic whiskey from Myken is expected to be available for purchase after the 3-plus year aging process. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

To revive the remote island community of Myken, a Norwegian scientists and four friends set out to distill whiskey  “ripened under the midnight sun and northern lights.”

A group of Norwegian entrepreneurs are currently distilling the world’s first Arctic whiskey, using desalinated water from the Vestfjorden fjord.

 According to Alaska Dispatch, a love of single-malt whiskey and a desire to revitalize the nearly uninhabited town of Myken has inspired a Norwegian scientists, Roar Larsen, and his friends to put North Norway on the map as a producer of high quality spirits.


Discovering Myken

Larsen and his family’s interest in Myken came six years ago, after a storm stranded them on the island for five days, BarentsObserver writes. Since then, Larsen made a mission of creating new life on the island so that his family and others could move there.


Small Island Economy

With a population of only seven during the winter months, Meyken has seen its economy tank over the past several years.  Though the town previously had around 200 residents and a booming fishing economy, a string of tragedies—including the devastating shipwreck of a fishing vessel in 1981 known as the “Western” accident—haunted the community.  Larsen hopes that his Myken Whiskey, and possibly an Arctic gin, will bring tourism and workers back to the island. 

The Arctic whiskey is expected to be available for purchase after the 3-plus year aging process.








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