Alaska ser til Norden

Representanter for den lille byen Unalaska i Alaska planlegger reise til Norge og Finland i sommer. De skal både til Kirkenes og Oslo, og er opptatt av både jernbane, fiskeeksport og gass, skriver The Alaska Dispatch:

The Finnish government is backing a proposed railroad to Norways’s northernmost port, Kirkenes, which would provide an Arctic Ocean connection to the rest of the European rail system. That port, he said, is owned by a Norwegian shipping company, Tschudi, which plans to export fish from Unalaska to Europe this summer through the Northwest Passage, sailing north through the Bering Strait and across northern Canada to the Atlantic Ocean, with the help of Unalaska businessman Andrew Murphy.

The Unalaska group also plans a stop in Oslo, Norway, to talk to Luquiline, a global gas technology company that has pioneered small-scale shipments of liquefied natural gas. Unalaska is considering using LNG for generating electricity. Presently the city powerhouse runs on diesel fuel. Hladick said the city needs to learn about more about the technology, to see if conversion is cost-effective, based on the special equipment needed for LNG.