Updated Corona in the Arctic: Northern Norway Still Defying National Regulations

Syltefjorden (Båtsfjord). Foto: Hans Olav Lien/Wikimedia Commons
High North News provides updates about the spreading of the coronavirus in the Arctic. Today, Tuesday, the number of infections in the circumpolar High North is still low. In Norway, Mayor Ronald Wærnes of Båtsfjord municipality is one out of a series of local actors who are still critical of the government's asking municipalities to lift quarantine regulations for healthy persons who have traveled from further south in the country.


The number of registered cases of corona infection in Northern Norway is still lower than further south in the country. While the government has encouraged municipalities to lift local travel restriction regulations, a series of commentators and politicians in Northern Norway want to maintain the current quarantine regulations.

High North News has interviewed Båtsfjord Mayor Ronald Wærnes, who has strong opinions on the matter. [Norwegian only.]

Total number of confirmed occurences of corona infection in the High North

Total number of confirmed cases of corona infection in Arctic Council Member States


This article was originally published in Norwegian and has been translated by HNN's Elisabeth Bergquist.



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