One of US’ Largest Nuclear Submarines Docked in Tromsø

USS Georgia
The submarine docked in Tromsø on Thursday is one of four submarines of the Ohio class equipped with cruise missiles (conventional weapons). The photo shows the USS Georgia, also one of these four submarines, on another occasion. (Photo: Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Eduardo Otero / U.S. Navy).

A US nuclear-powered submarine docked in Tromsø, Northern Norway, on Thursday. The submarine is of the Ohio-class, the largest submarines in the US Navy.

Norsk versjon

The US nuclear-powered submarine USS Florida arrived in Grøtsund, Tromsø on Thursday.

That was first reported by the newspaper Nordlys.

The submarine is of the Ohio-class – the largest submarines built in the US Navy. The submarines in this class have a length of 170 meters.

The US Embassy in Oslo confirmed to Nordlys that this was the first time such a submarine has docked in Norway.

The Ohio-class consists of 18 nuclear-powered submarines. Fourteen of these are ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs). In the 2000s, four of the 18 submarines was rebuilt into guided missile submarines (SSGNs), i.e., these are equipped with conventional weapons.

The USS Florida is a SSGN and is not equipped with nuclear weapons.

Previous visits

In June, High North News reported on the tenth US submarine visit to Grøtsund in Tromsø. Previous visits include the following submarines, most of which are of the Virginia-class:

  • USS New Mexico (SSN 779), Virginia class – May 2021
  • USS Washington (SSN 787), Virginia class – January 2022
  • USS Albany (SSN 753), Los Angeles class – April 2022
  • USS North Dakota (SSN 784), Virginia class – Mai 2022
  • Unknown American submarine – July 2022
  • USS Newport News (SSN 750), Los Angeles class – Fall 2022
  • USS New Hampshire (SSN 778), Virginia class – Fall 2022
  • USS South Dakota (SSN 790), Virginia class – December 2022
  • Unknown American submarine – April 2023
  • Unknown American submarine – June 2023

The Los Angeles class of nuclear-powered fast attack submarines form the backbone of the US submarine force, according to the US Navy. The Virginia class also includes nuclear-powered fast attack submarines. While the length of the Virginia-class submarines is between 114 and 140 meters, the length of the Los Angeles-class submarines is approximately 110 meters.

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