New American Submarine Docking in Tromsø

Four American submarines have called at Grøtsund port so far this year. Here, the USS New Mexico is visiting the harbor in May. (Photo: US Navy)

On Friday, a new American submarine arrived at Grøtsund port just outside Tromsø. This is the fifth Allied submarine docking at the port this year.

Last Friday, Grøtsund industrial port was visited by a new American submarine, according to the Norwegian Joint Operations Headquarters (JOH).

“It had a logistics stop of a few hours there for new supplies and a change of crew. So far this year, this is the fourth American submarine that has visited the port”, says Major and Spokesperson at the JOH Elisabeth Eikeland.

Grøtsund port at Tønsnes, north of Tromsø, was made port of reception for allied vessels in 2020. In May of last year, the first American nuclear submarine, the USS New Mexico, docked there.

Later, the following nuclear submarines from the USA and Great Britain have visited the port in 2022: USS Washington in January, USS Albany and HMS Ambush in April, and USS New Mexico in May.

Including the last visit in July, five allied submarines have thus called at Grøtsund port so far this year.

Given the arrival of nuclear-powered vessels, the Norwegian Civil Defense's department in Troms County established a group for nuclear preparedness last winter. This group constitutes a mobile cleaning unit.

In May, the emergency response group practiced handling a nuclear accident in Tromsø in which civilians had suffered from radiation damage. The exercise was carried out together with the emergency services at Mandelasletta, near the center of Tromsø.