"Obama defense of Shell Arctic drilling undercuts Kerry promotion of clean energy"

Rather than being a leader, however, the U.S. is simply following in the footsteps of Russia and Norway - two countries that have already begun or are making progress towards Arctic offshore drilling.
At the Arctic Council ministerial in Iqaluit, Canada on April 25, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry waxed poetic about the prospects for clean energy in the Arctic, Mia Bennet writes in a blog post in Alaska Dispatch News .

She continues:
- Despite Kerry’s statement that the U.S. would promote renewable energy in the Arctic, the first major choice that the U.S. has made as Arctic Council chair has been to conditionally approve Shell’s exploratory drilling plans in the Chukchi Sea off Alaska this summer. This is a clear about-face from the climate-change-focused agenda Kerry said the U.S. would pursue as chair of the Arctic Council.

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