US Air Force Conducts Mission Over The Barents Sea as Russia's Northern Fleet Begins Exercises

Joint exercises of Northern and Black Sea fleets
The Northern Fleet and the Black Sea Fleet on a previous joint exercise. During today's exercises, naval and air forces will in particular train on measures to protect Russian national interests on the world's oceans and counter military threats to Russia from sea and air directions. (Photo: / Wikimedia Commons).

On Monday and Tuesday this week, two American planes flew over the Barents Sea. At the same time, the Russian Northern Fleet is launching a major fleet exercise involving operations in the Barents Sea in the west to the East Siberian Sea.

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Rrecently, two aircrafts from the US Air Force flew over the Barents Sea, towards the Russian Arctic island of Novaya Zemlya.

In a statement on Monday 18 September, the Russian Ministry of Defense states that Russian airspace control over the Barents Sea detected an aerial object approaching Russia's state border.

A MiG-31 fighter from Russia´s Northern Fleet was "scrambled" to identify the target, which according to the ministry was a US Navy P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol plane. The US military aircraft turned around when the Russian fighter jet approached, and it is reported that there was no violation of the state border with Russia.

New flight Tuesday

On Tuesday, another American military flight was carried out over the Barents Sea, this time towards Novaya Zemlya.

In recent years, Russia has upgraded military infrastructure on the island. Among other things, squadrons of MiG-31 interceptors are stationed at Rogatschovo on Novaya Zemlya.

The Norwegian Armed Forces are aware that this mission is being carried out

According to Flight Radar 24, this aircraft is a Boeing RC-135W Rivet Joint; an American surveillance plane that took off from the British air station RAF Mildenhall early that morning.

Lieutenant-Colonel Reidar Flasnes, senior spokesperson at the Norwegian Joint Headquarters, tells High North News that the Norwegian Armed Forces are aware that this flight is being carried out.

The Northern Fleet starts training

On Monday, the Russian Northern Fleet also started a major military exercise, writes the Northern Fleet in a press release.

It is pointed out that this is an integral part of the annual training cycle for the Russian military command and headquarters for the forces and troops of the Northern Fleet.

According to the press release, operations during the exercise will take place from the Barents Sea in the west to the East Siberian Sea.

Up to 1,800 people, 10 aircraft, 15 ships, submarines and support vessels are involved in the exercise, which includes training in connection with the defense and protection of coastal civil infrastructure facilities and facilities of the Northern Fleet, as well as anti-terrorist operations.

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