Norway Closes Border To Russian Tourists

Storskog: Nettopp dialogen er viktig for at grensa mellom Norge og Russland fortsatt skal være en fredelig grense. (Foto: Arne O. Holm).
The Storskog border station in Sør-Varanger, Northern Norway, located about 20 kilometers from the town of Kirkenes. This is Norway's sole border crossing point to Russia and a state outside the Schengen cooperation. (Photo: Arne O. Holm)

Russian citizens will be denied entry to Norway if they travel for tourist visits or other non-essential purposes, states the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security. The change will come into force on May 29th. 

Norsk versjon.

Norway's government further restricts the opportunities of entry for Russian citizens.

"Russian citizens whose purpose is tourism and other non-essential travel will be rejected upon entry across the external border," writes the Ministry of Justice and Public Security on Thursday.

The restriction applies both to those who have visas issued by Norway before visa practices were restricted in the spring and summer of 2022 and to visas issued by other Schengen countries.

The change will be in effect on Wednesday, May 29th, and entails that the police can refuse the entry of Russian citizens who are covered by the instruction.

Exceptions will be granted in certain cases, for instance to visit close family (such as parents, spouses, cohabitants and children) residing in Norway, as well as travel to work or study in Norway or other Schengen countries. The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration elaborates on the new entry regime here.

"The decision to tighten the entry rules is in line with the Norwegian approach of standing by allies and partners in the reactions against Russia's illegal war of aggression against Ukraine," says Norwegian Minister of Justice and Public Security, Emilie Enger Mehl (Center). 

The Norwegian authorities keep a close eye on the border areas with Russia and the traffic over the Storskog border crossing, and will introduce new measures if necessary, informs the said ministry. 

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