Newsletter: “Everybody” wants an Arctic strategy

Det svenske forsvaret
The Swedish Armed Forces has updated its Arctic strategy from 2011. And many more are following. (Photo: Bezav Mahmod / Swedish Armed Forces).
Dear reader. Arctic strategies come by the dozen this year, and such launches have become frequent events. This week, Sweden was up – but more is on its way.

This week, the Swedish government launched its strategy for the Arctic region. And many countries are either updating their Arctic strategies or launching completely new ones. You can find a list in the article.

Coordinator for the Arctic region of USA, James DeHart.
Coordinator for the Arctic region of USA, James DeHart.

The USA is in a league of its own when it comes to strategies. In an exclusive High North News interview, US Coordinator for the Arctic Region James DeHart says the U.S. State Department is currently working on developing a diplomatic plan for the Arctic while the Navy simultaneously works on an Arctic strategy.

Why now, is the question many may ask.

High North News Editor-in-Chief Arne O. Holm points to a series of reasons, such as increased international tension and military activity, arms race, international unrest and the risk of what the Swedes refer to as “incidents in the region”.

Historic Brexit agreement

Britain is about to become an independent coast state again for the first time in 40 years. This week, Britain signed a post-Brexit fisheries agreement with Norway

Consequences of climate changes are emerging before us and it does not take much. In fact, small invasive sea animals may change the Arctic as we know it.

Lack of sea ice allows non-icebreaking vessels to sail the Northern Sea route for longer periods of the year than before.

And in Arctic Canada, strict hunting restrictions are introduced as the Nunavut caribou faces extinction.

Initiatives in the High North

Canadian The Growcer has developed a mobile greenhouse that uses specialized technology that works also under extreme climate conditions. An exciting innovation literally blooming in the Arctic.

But tourism is still grappling with the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the industry still depends on state assistance for survival.

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