Considerable Fishery Activity: Steady Increase of Skrei

Fra Tufjorden
Fishing boats at dock in Tufjorden, Northern Norway. (Photo: Lillian Hansen/Norwegian Fishermen's Sales Organization)

The stable and ice-cold weather in Northern Norway last week allowed for greater fishery activity than in previous weeks, according to the Norwegian Fishermen's Sales Organization. The skrei (Northeast Arctic cod) has now reached Vesterålen.

Norwegian version.

The flow of skrei (migrating Northeast Arctic cod coming from the Barents Sea to the coast of Northern Norway to spawn every winter) is increasing, and 7,200 tonnes of cod were landed last week. This is the highest number this year, according to the Norwegian Fishermen's Sales Organization's weekly fishery report.

Stable and ice-cold weather in Northern Norway last week allowed for greater fishery activity compared to previous weeks.

Has reached Vesterålen

According to the Norwegian Fishermen's Sales Organization, the skrei's natural spawning migration has reached Vesterålen in Northern Norway, where more cod than pollock was landed for the first time this year.

There are also reports of a pleasing development in the haddock fisheries, particularly off the coast of East Finnmark and Vesterålen.

Western Finnmark with the largest quantity

The Norwegian Fishermen's Sales Organization's turnover in week 6 was NOK 539 million (provisional figures), compared to NOK 427 million in the corresponding week last year.

In week 6, the turnover of fresh raw materials amounted to NOK 357 million. Furthermore, the turnover of fresh cod amounted to 7,200 tonnes, with a value of NOK 272 million.

The greatest quantity of fresh cod was delivered in Western Finnmark. Troms, Vesterålen, and Eastern Finnmark, follow close behind. The price for cod is the highest in Western Finnmark: NOK 56.5 per kilo, slightly above the average price of NOK 55.9 per kilo.

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