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Statslederne i Finland, Sverige og Norge om bord kystvaktskipet KV Svalbard

This week, Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre welcomed the President of Finland and the Prime Minister of Sweden on board the coast guard ship KV Svalbard, which was docked in Bodø, Northern Norway. (Photo: Hilde-Gunn Bye)

Dear reader, Nordic heads of state meet in Northern Norway ahead of the NATO summit. The Arctic Arts Festival will gather many people next week, and Russia's president is following in Donald Trump's footsteps and meeting North Korea's dictator, Kim Jong-un. This is some of what happened in the Arctic this week. 

 Les på norsk

Bodø welcomed the heads of state of Norway, Sweden, and Finland this week. 

In the further defense planning of the northern parts of the Nordic region, the heads of state want greater emphasis on the development of logistics to support the east-west dimension on the cap of the North. (Norwegian only) 

Our journalist, Hilde-Gunn Bye, met the heads of state in Bodø, where they gathered before the major NATO summit in July. 

Important conversations 

Next week, High North News, in cooperation with the Arctic Arts Festival, is once again organizing the "High Noon" meeting series, inspired by a classic Western movie from 1952. 

“With guests and artists from Norway, Finland, Iceland, and Sweden, we set the agenda with topics central to High North News' journalistic mission. We analyze the world seen from the Arctic and the High North”, Holm writes in this week’s commentary, while he prepares the HNN motorhome, where he and journalist Astri Edvardsen are welcoming many exciting debates and conversations.   

Sanctions and cooperation 

On Wednesday, Norway and Germany signed a declaration facilitating German launches from Andøya Spaceport in Northern Norway.

Western sanctions are eating away at Russia's gas industry. 

After much debate and wrangling, the EU and its member states are set to sanction the transshipment of Russian liquefied natural gas to EU ports. 

The tide also continues to turn for heavy lift vessel operator Red Box. 

Russian liquefied natural gas company Novatek appears confident that it will complete its Arctic LNG 2 plant as designed despite a host of Western sanctions. 

Mining and Svalbard

About 30 years after the historical mines in Sulitjelma, Northern Norway, closed, work is now in full swing to start up new operations. HNN's Hilde-Gunn Bye reports from the planned mining site. 

Also, read about the new Svalbard white paper. The Norwegian government wants to facilitate international research on the archipelago while simultaneously clarifying Norwegian research leadership. 

Read about this and more at High North News. We will be streaming from High Noon in Harstad, so follow along next week. 

On behalf of the editorial staff, I wish you a great weekend. 

Best regards, Editor-in-Chief Trine Jonassen