USA in Focus as the World Discusses the Arctic in Tromsø

Lisa Murkowski

To Tromsø: "It is welcome news to see Turkey’s parliament approving Sweden’s NATO bid. With Sweden now one step closer to officially joining NATO, the Arctic region is closer to a more secure future—and this announcement comes at a time when global stability and order are more reliant than ever on a strong NATO that can better prevent destabilizing activities and adversarial aggression," said Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski on X. (Photo: Arctic Frontiers 2023)

Norwegian PM Jonas Gahr Støre is coming to Tromsø and the Arctic Frontiers with a selection of ministers. The US, Canada, Sweden, and Finland will participate in the conference with both military and political leaders and experts.

Norwegian PM Jonas Gahr Støre (Labor) and a selection of ministers are coming to Tromsø in Northern Norway next week for this year's Arctic Frontiers conference. The US, Canada, Sweden, and Finland will participate in the conference with both military and political leaders and experts.

The US will participate with a significant American delegation, which includes leading generals, researchers, politicians, President Joe Biden's Arctic advisors, and the Alaskan senator Lisa Murkowski (R).

"The geopolitical significance of the Arctic has become greater due to the war in Ukraine and the aggressive green shift. At the same time, the polarization around the extraction of natural resources has reached the High North with strong discussions connected to global desires and local needs," says Anu Fredrikson, Executive Director of the High North conference Arctic Frontiers, in a press release.

This year's conference focuses on international cooperation "with an ambition to resolve the deadlocked discussions," according to the director.

She adds, "This is especially important now that Norway is leading the pan-Arctic cooperation organization, the Arctic Council. "

Norwegian MFA Espen Barth Eide (Labor) will also participate in the Tromsø conference.

"The High North is still Norway's most important strategic area of investment, as we established with the Hurdals platform in 2021," says Barth Eide.

Arctic Frontiers is taking place digitally and physically from January 29th to February 1st. This is the 19th edition of the conference. Action & Reactions is this year's subheading. 

Arctic international cooperation, preparedness and the local community, co-existence, and artificial intelligence are among this edition's topics.

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