Newsletter Sanctions, Whaling, and Nordic Cooperation

Espen Barth Eide
"From the University of Tromsø, according to Google Maps, it is two hours and 18 minutes to Sweden. It's right up there, isn't it? If you take the E6 north from here to Kirkenes, the EU and two new NATO countries are straight to the right all the way up. Nordic cooperation is now taking on a completely new security policy dimension, and with that comes a great deal more", says Norwegian Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide at the beginning of the Response Conference in Tromsø. (Photo: Astri Edvardsen)  

Dear reader. The electrification of Melkøya in Northern Norway could end up in court. The Norwegian defense budget has increased, and the MFA believes Norway should better exploit its cooperation with Sweden and Finland. Here is the week that passed in the North.

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Norway's decision to electrify Melkøya LNG could end up in court. The Sami Parliament Council will ask for authorization to consider legal action.

This week, Svalbard's tourism industry released a new analysis of the Arctic island's tolerance limit, which uncovers knowledge gaps around the cruise industry's emissions.

Whaling and budget

Whaling has long been a disputed topic, but during a debate covered by science journalist Birgitte Martinussen, both sides agreed that the whaling industry must be regulated and controlled.

With the proposed increase of the revised Norwegian national budget, the defense budget will go from NOK 91 billion to NOK 104 billion a year.


“It is Greenland’s Turn to Lead the Arctic Council,” writes Hannah Chenok in this op-ed about Denmark's takeover of the council's leadership.

With security policy cooperation and tight-knit defense cooperation in the Nordic region, there is a large-scale opportunity for more interaction with Finland and Sweden in other areas of society, as well.

"We just have to learn to utilize this," says Norwegian MFA Espen Barth Eide (Labor) to HNN's journalist Astri Edvardsen during the minister's visit to Northern Norway. (Norwegian only)

Russia and preparedness

The West continues to close sanction gaps against Russia as the EU 14th sanctions package and related measures against Russia’s liquefied natural gas sector continue to materialize.

Also, read this op-ed about preparedness.

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