Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister: Russian Svalbard Rights Under Pressure

Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev, who is responsible for the country's Arctic policy, among other things, believes that Russian rights in Svalbard are under pressure. That was said in a commission meeting in Moscow.

This is reported by Dagbladet.

Drawing parallels to the war in Ukraine, Trutnev said, according to transcripts of the meeting:

"Today our soldiers are sacrificing blood for the sovereignty of our country, and for people's right to speak Russian. I believe that our work in government in this area (about Svalbard, ed. note) should be treated in the same way - as a fight for our sovereignty. A fight for Russia and our rights."

On several occasions, Russia has expressed dissatisfaction with the Svalbard Treaty from 1920, which ensures Norway's full and unrestricted sovereignty over Svalbard. Russian authorities believe that Norway places too strong restrictions on Russian business activity and scientific activity on the archipelago.

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