Newsletter: Russian Gas, Donald Trump, and Burning of the Quran

Forsidebilde til utstillinga Det gode liv
Gruppeutstillinga Det gode liv // The Sweetness of Living under Festspillene i Nord-Norge gir seg i vei med utforsking av den gode tilværelsen i nord – med samfunnsaktuell problematikk som bakteppe. (Foto: Michael Miller)

Dear reader. Russia continues to reroute fossil fuel from the EU to Asia, while Ukraine asks the EU to stop the import from Russia completely. Circus Trump has begun in the US, and our Editor-in-Chief deals with both this and the burning of Qurans in Sweden Here is the first week of August, as seen from the North.

The summer holiday is over and the editorial staff is busy with this fall's events. 

The Russian export of fossil fuel, however, has not taken a break, and Russia continues to reroute oil previously destined for Europe to Asia. Now, two tankers have traveled across the Arctic to China, and increased traffic means increased probability of an accident with very high consequences, according to scientists. 

And with the second gas transfer hub now in place Russia’s Novatek appears set to further economize the transport scheme of its liquefied natural gas exports from the Arctic to Europe and Asia. 

Despite Ukrainian officials' urge for the EU to end imports of Russian liquefied natural gas, Russia continues to supply more than 15 percent of the EU’s consumption.

Trump and Quran burning

In this fall's first commentary, Editor-in-Chief Arne O. Holm writes that democracy is under brutal pressure from many sides. In the US, Donald Trump is under indictment for having "corrupted" the USA. In Sweden, limitations of freedom of speech are discussed in order to put an end to the burning of the Quran, writes Holm and emphasizes that attacking political decay with legal means does not solve the problem. 

Art and fishery 

Journalist Astri Edvardsen offers a great look back on this year's Arctic Arts Festival exhibition which includes a funny perspective on the good life in the North and Finnish gallows humor (Norwegian only). 

The Northern Norwegian stockfish producer Røst Sjømat doubled several of its results from 2021 to 2022. The fish reception Sufi in Lofoten, Northern Norway, increased its turnover by almost NOK 100 million (Norwegian only). 

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Wishing you all the best for the weekend on behalf of the editorial staff,

Trine Jonassen

News Editor 

This newsletter has been translated by Birgitte Annie Molid Martinussen