Newsletter: One Year With a Neighboring Country at War

HNN coverage first week of Ukraine war
HNN coverage first week of Ukraine war.

Dear reader; Friday marked one year since we woke up to a neighboring country at war. There is a symbolic crater between Norway and Russia at the moment and Putin has, with a few pen strokes, closed the door further to cooperation with the West. In Norway, the conversation rather revolves around the betrayal of female whistleblowers in the Norwegian Armed Forces. Here is the week as seen from the north.

The international news in the last week has naturally revolved around the first anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. In Norway, however, the focus has turned to a part of the Norwegian defense under criticism. 

Editor-in-Chief Arne O. Holm turns his attention to the debate about female conscripts who whistleblow to no avail; 

Our neighboring country Russia has gone to war against another neighbor and never before have the Norwegian TV screens been more filled with military uniforms and distinctions. The war, however, is not the subject in question”, writes Holm.

Sad anniversary

Exactly one year after Russia invades Ukraine, Barents Spektakel commences in the Norwegian border city of Kirkenes. With the help of art productions, concerts, and debates, the festival will tackle difficult questions of trust and border-crossing cooperation in the north.

Our journalist Astri Edvardsen is present in Kirkenes, and reports on a powerful opening of the festival (Norwegian only).

At the same time, Russia is closing the door further to contact with the West. 

This week, The Kremlin revised Russia's Arctic policy removing mentions of the Arctic Council. Now the focus is to prioritize Russian Arctic interests and Russian industrial projects. 

Military leaders from the U.S. and Norway have assessed Russia’s growing interests and offensive posture in the region and discussed how to balance deterrence and avoiding escalation. 

We also see that Russia's production and shipping of LNG are taking their course. 

Skrei (cod) and heroes 

We can also report good news from the fishing industry. The skrei is now on its way! Last week  was the best week for fishing cod so far this year. (Norwegian only) 

From the fishing grounds outside Bø in Vesterålen in Northern Norway, fisherman Jørn Høidahl reports that the skrei is coming full speed south towards the fishing grounds outside the municipality. (Norwegian only) 

Then it is that time of the year again when the High North Center for Business and Governance asks the public to nominate a High North Hero. You can read more about that here.

Finally, good news from  78° north. Namely, because this is where students are the most satisfied. (Norwegian only) 

Next week, you can follow us directly from Kirkenes, where we will participate in and cover both Barents Spektakel and the Kirkenes Conference. 

Wishing you all the best for the weekend on behalf of the staff at HNN.

Trine Jonassen, News Editor 

This newsletter was translated by Birgitte Annie Molid Martinussen.