Newsletter NATO's March Into the North

Major Johan Hellström
During the full-scale preparedness exercise Øvelse Nord in Northern Norway, Major Johan Hellström held a 20-minute lecture on Nordic security and preparedness seen with Swedish eyes. (Photo: Marie Staberg)

Dear reader. This week, several tonnes of American military materials arrived in Narvik and will roll over the border from Norway into the new NATO countries. The US will soon present its new Arctic strategy, and a Swedish major asks the Nordics to build their own preparedness without NATO. We also have news about sanctions and life in the North.

Yet another week in the age of security policy as the Arctic is continuing to be characterized by increasing militarization. 

The military exercise Immediate Response is in the works, and tonnes of American materials have arrived in Narvik, Northern Norway, before continuing into the Nordics for further military exercises. 

Our journalist, Hilde-Gunn Bye, was present in Narvik to attend the historic event. (Norwegian only) 

The Norwegian MoD Bjørn Arild Gram (Center) says to Bye that ensuring settlement in the North is essential in the time coming. 

Journalist Astri Edvardsen reports about the US Department of State's new Arctic strategy, which is just around the corner. State Secretary Iris Ferguson is inspired by Norway's strategic balance between deterrence and reassurance in the North. (Norwegian only) 

While Sweden's new NATO membership is on 'everyone's' lips, Major Johan Hellström was clear that Sweden must build its total defense and prepare for a NATO without the US when intern Marie Staberg met him in Bodø, Northern Norway. 


In February, the Russian vessel 'Dalnie Zelentsy' gained approval to conduct a research voyage in Norwegian ocean areas. (Norwegian only) 

Things are not going well with Russian gas, and the West's economic sanctions are forcing a reduction in production. 

Both Sweden and Germany have confirmed their support for an EU-wide ban on Russian gas. 

Election and island life 

“In a country otherwise keen to promote the individual's freedom to choose, the options in the US have been reduced to two aging presidential candidates,” writes Editor and Commentator Arne O. Holm in this week's commentary, in which he takes a closer look at the upcoming US presidential election. 

We can only speculate about what will happen if Trump is released on the High North once again. 

Today, we thank student Staberg after eight pleasant and educational weeks together. We wish her all the best in what I predict will be a bright future within journalism. 

But first, she takes you to a kindergarten in the middle of the sea in Northern Norway. The kindergarten has three employees and six children, two of whom have an unusual route to kindergarten. 

You can read about this and more at High North News. May and spring are approaching, so enjoy. 

On behalf of the editorial staff, I wish you a wonderful weekend, 

Best, Editor-in-Chief Trine Jonassen