International Journalism Award to High North News

From the garbage war in Northeastern Russia. Photo: Denis Sinjakov

The featured series “Garbage War in Northwestern Russia” in High North News has received honorable mention from the jury of the International Reporter award.

The award winner was a NRK documentary called “Søppelsmuglerne” [Waste smugglers].

In addition, the jury has given honorable mention to two other projects, one of which went to journalist Amund Trellevik and High North News for the story “Garbage War in Northeastern Russia”.

The jury’s statement says:

Through ‘The Garbage War in Northwestern Russia’, we get to know a side of Russia that is rarely mentioned in Norwegian media. With solid language and a visually well-told story, we come closer to Russian locals and their fight for their local environment. The story demonstrates how journalism manages to draw an image of a society through highlighting how major issues in society touch upon the everyday life of ordinary people.”

The other honorable mention went to Nowegian daily Aftenosten for its story “Europe’s New Homeless”.