High North Young Entrepreneur Award: Do You Have an Arctic Start-Up in Need of Funding?

Jakob Brattli Sørensen, Eagle AI og Marius Fagerli, Innovasjon Norge Nordland, High North Young Entrepreneur 2023.
Jakob Brattli Sørensen, Eagle AI was the winner of the High North Young Entrepreneur Award of 2023. Brattli is from Bodø, Northern Norway. He received the award from Marius Fagerli in Innovasjon Norway Nordland at the High North Dialogue conference in Bodø in April. (Foto: Trine Jonassen)

The High North Young Entrepreneur contest is an international pitch competition with Arctic-related business ideas for young entrepreneurs and start-ups. Now young entrepreneurs in the Arctic have the opportunity to compete for a prize of NOK 50,000.

The overall goal of the High North Entreprenaur contest is to bring attention to the economic potential and special needs of the High North areas and to encourage young people to develop their business ideas.

Every year the High North Center for Business and Governance awards a cach prize of 50,000 NOK - about 5,000 Euro - to an Arctic-related business idea of young entrepreneurs and start-ups.

This year's winner will be announced during the High North Dialogue Conference in Bodø, Northern Norway, as part of the Arctic Congress Bodø 2024.

The winner of last year´s entrepreneur award was Eagle AI from Norway, who develops software using satellite data to better predict where to find fish stocks.

You can apply if:

  • You have an individual start-up or you are a part of a company
  • You have just a good start-up idea
  • You or your company can be located in any country and sphere, but your idea is focused and related to the circumpolar North and meets three key criteria:
  1. Relevance to the North
  2. Quality of the project application and business plan elements
  3. The uniqueness/originality of the idea
  4. The company is not older than five years of the start-up date
  5. The applicant can be the idea generator or the one who will execute the idea in practice or any other person, related to the idea.
  6. The applicant’s age is up to 40 years old

The High North Entrepreneur comettee´ especially encourage projects from bioeconomy, clean energy, health and welfare, ocean, smart society, creative industries, tourism, and the green shift areas.

Read more about the competition here.

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