Alcoa Invests NOK 0.5 bn in Aluminum Plant in Mosjøen, Norway

Alcoa Mosjøen
The electrolysis facility at Alcoa Mosjøen. The process of producing aluminum from alumina (aluminum oxide) through electrolysis is very energy intensive and takes place in high temperatures. The aluminum is separated into liquid form. A vessel then pumps it up and brings it to the cast house. (Photo: Hilde-Gunn Bye)

The American aluminum corporation Alcoa puts NOK 0.5 billion into increasing production capacity at its smelter in Mosjøen, Norway.

This week, American aluminum giant Alcoa announced a USD 51 million-project to increase production capacity at its plant in Mosjøen plant in Norway.

Alcoa Mosjøen currently has a name tag capacity of what the company may produce with optimal conditions of 200,000 metric tons annually. With the investment, the company wants this to increase to 214,000 tons by the end of 2026, according to a press statement.

The project positions Mosjøen to continue meeting the needs of customers that want Alcoa’s high-quality low-carbon aluminum, the company writes. The demand for aluminum is currently high and prices have increased significantly in recent months.

“Mosjøen is already a top performing resource in the global Alcoa system and this investment reflects its operational qualities, the level of engagement for our employees, and the strong support from our many customers and stakeholders in society”, says Alcoa Vice President and COO John Slaven.

The Mosjøen smelter is operating fully on renewable energy and produces rollers and casting alloys. Alcoa Mosjøen also has its own anode factory. The picture shows 12-ton aluminum blocks ready for export. (Photo: Hilde-Gunn Bye)

The process of producing aluminum requires huge amounts of electricity. Alcoa says the power leading to the location’s two power lines will be increased through improved electrical infrastructure, including installation of new high voltage cables and cabling equipment. The scheduled investment will also improve the location’s exiting anode production processes.

During the past three years, the Alcoa corporation has invested about USD 50 million into maintaining and profit-seeking capital projects at Alcoa Mosjøen.

Alcoa established operations at Mosjøen some 60 years ago. The aluminum plant is a cornerstone company in the industrial town.

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This article was originally published in Norwegian and has been translated by HNN's Elisabeth Bergquist.