Weekly newsletter - 18 January

Drones that are to be used under harsh Arctic conditions face demanding requirements. (Photo: Tangopaso/Wikimedia Commons)
Drones that are to be used under harsh Arctic conditions face demanding requirements. Andøya Space Center aims to also become a national drone center. (Photo: Tangopaso/Wikimedia Commons)

Troublesome population figures for the High North. New Norwegian government platform and an upcoming government expansion from three to four parties. Trump's usual twitter rants, with timely responses. These are the most important issues this week.

A new Norwegian government platform was introduced yesterday, and three parties have become four. A quick read of the new government platform shows that old aphorisms have regained prominence. This government wants to “strengthen” most things.

223 times, the government parties wants to “strengthen” various sectors in society. No small ambition in a society where most things are in place already, after all.

And if things are not to be “strengthened”, they are to be “facilitated” some 153 times.

And what is not to be “strengthened” or “facilitated” will mostly be “continued” (80 times) or “maintained” (30 times).

In total, it appears rather promising. Especially if not having an opinion about the High North only being mentioned seven times. At least they are a part of Norwegian policy that is to be both “continued” and “facilitated”.

This week, Indeks Nordland presented gloomy figures for population development in the North. One can only hope that the new government’s ambition will not be to “continue” the current downward spiraling trend. Prime Minister Erna Solberg, contrary to former Minister of Justice Per-Willy Amundsen, encouraged the country’s inhabitants to bear more children. (Amundsen recently suggested limiting the number of children for which a family could receive child support to three.)

On the western front, Donald Trump has tweeted soothing messages to his allies this week too.
- The Left has become totally unhinged. They no longer care what is Right, Trump writes. And he receives answers.
- Trump has two parts of brain. In the Left side, there’s nothing Right. In the Right side, there’s nothing Left.
Have a great weekend!

Arne O. Holm

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