Newsletter: Verbal Duel over High North Whitepaper and Security Politics

Bodø Bodøsjøen Solnedgang
Nordland sunset. (Photo: Trine Jonassen)

Two weeks after the new Norwegian High North whitepaper was presented, it continues stirring debate, in particular in the area of security policy. Along with corona and a long awaited danish apology, this is the week as seen from the High North.

During the past week, much of High North News’ Norwegian section was about security politics, and the situation soon turned into a heated debate between Army representatives and the Conservatives.

The debate continues, so stay with us.

The High North whitepaper itself will be on a hearing in Stortinget, the Norwegian parliament, on 12 January. [Norwegian only]

China sees you

China has shared details about a new satellite providing monitoring opportunities for Arctic waterways.


Mads Qvist Frederiksen is the new leader of Arctic Economic Council.
Mads Qvist Frederiksen is the new leader of Arctic Economic Council. (Photo: AEC)
Mads Quist Fredriksen is the new leader of AEC.

Meanwhile, Tromsø will have a new resident when Danish Mads Quist Frederiksen takes over the helm of the Arctic Economic Council after Anu Fredriksson.

Long awaited apology

Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen has apologized to 22 Inuit children who were taken from their homes in Greenland in the 1950s as part of a social experiment. This is a gesture former PM’s have refused to offer.

Christmas will soon be upon us, but Covid-19 does not take a break. Canada’s largest territory nevertheless opens up a little following its first lockdown.

We at High North News wish you a peaceful advent season!
Trine Jonassen,
News Editor, High North News