USA to Invest Billions in the Arctic, including Thule Air Base

A new American military report reveals that the USA  will spend billions of dollars in the Arctic, including on Thule Air Base in Greenland, KNR reports, citing Danish daily Berlingske.

The USA has confirmed to the latter that an upgrade is underway. The Thule Air Base has old infrastructure that the USA wants to upgrade, the US Air Force states through the US Embassy in Copenhagen.

Neither the Greenlandic self-rule government Naalakkersuisut nor the Danish parliament Folketinget have been informed about the planned upgrades.

According to trilateral agreements between the USA, Greenland and Denmark, the US is to ‘consult and inform’ the Danish and the Greenlandic governments about significant changes the US’ military operations in Greenland, however, the USA is not dependent on the two others to sign off on the new plans.