USA and Canada Agree to Modernize NORAD

Joe Biden
"Canada and the United States are not only vital partners, we’re NATO Allies committed to shared defense.The Prime Minister and I discussed our work with our European allies to bolster transatlantic security, which includes meeting our Wales commitments," President Joe Biden said at the press briefing. (Foto: Gage Skidmore). 

US President Joe Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau agree to modernize NORAD. The two countries will moreover launch an expanded U.S-Canadian Arctic dialogue.

"We also agreed to modernize the North American Aerospace Defense Command, NORAD, which is still the only bi-national military command of its kind." 

President Joe Biden made the comment during a press briefing Monday, following his bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada.

At a press briefing Biden added that the two countries also will launch an "expanded U.S-Canadian Arctic dialogue to cover issues related to continental security, economic and social development, and Arctic governance."

Trudeau and Biden have released a "Roadmap for a Renewed U.S.-Canada Partnership".

The roadmap establishes a blueprint for an ambitious effort against the COVID-19 pandemic, creates a partnership on climate change, advances global health security, strengthening cooperation on defense and security, and reaffirms a shared commitment to diversity, equity, and justice.

The agreement to expand cooperation on continental defense and in the Arctic, including modernizing NORAD and expanding US-Canada Arctic dialogue, is part of the roadmap. 

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