Newsletter: Unwanted Nuclear Subs and Military Ops in the Arctic

Sailors assigned to the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Ross approach the British Royal Fleet Auxiliary tanker RFA Tidespring for a replenishment-at-sea in the Barents Sea. (Photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Christine Montgomery)
Dear reader. The threat and security situation in the High North has changed. To what, however, is not quite sure. And nobody knows what future military antics the great powers will perform until after the U.S. presidential election. This is the week’s newsletter from all of us at High North News.

Last week, HNN Editor-in-Chief Arne O. Holm wrote about the conflict between Tromsø municipality and the Norwegian Ministry of Defense.

The situation is still deadlocked. The MoD wants to let the American armed forces use Tønsnes port outside Tromsø as a docking station for nuclear subs. Tromsø municipality objects and does not want to become a bomb target.

Gunhild Hoogensen Gjørv under en debatt på Arendalsuka i 2018. (Foto: Trine Jonassen/High North News).
Professor i konflikt og fredsstudier ved UiT, Gunhild Hoogensen Gjørv under en debatt på Arendalsuka i 2018. (Foto: Trine Jonassen/High North News).
Professor Gunhild Hoogensen Gjørv at UiT. (Foto: Trine Jonassen/HNN)

There is clearly a failure in civilian-military cooperation here”, says Professor Gunhild Hoogensen Gjørv at the University of Tromsø.

Looking north 

The U.S. Army has now announced that it can no longer spend resources on its role as world police when the situation in the Arctic requires it to look towards its own High North.

At the same time, there are reports that the American navy sails in the Barents Sea for the third time this year.

Those who are shut out 

Sjefsredaktør i High North News, Arne O. Holm
Editor-in-Chief Arne O. Holm, High North News.

The Corona pandemic continues to leave its mark. In his commentary this Friday, our Editor-in-Chief Arne O. Holm points to the consequences of immigration coming to a halt since the outbreak in March.

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Trine Jonassen,
News Editor, High North News