Uknown Danish Profit From Greenlandic Fish

The Greenlandic politician Mariane Pavoasem (IA) has asked the Greenlandic government, Naalakkersuisut, for answers on how much Denmark and Danish companies profit from fish caught in Greenland being exported to Denmark and from there to the rest of the world.

That is reported by Sermitsiaq.

Naalakkersuisuit informs that 80 to 90 percent of the fish caught on Greenland is exported to Denmark and that the majority is exported from Denmark to other countries. 

How much value creation takes place in Denmark is not known. Naalakkersuisut has, for example, no information about how much of the fish is further processed in Denmark.

To calculate how much more the fish is worth when it is sold from Denmark, detailed information is required from the companies, something Naalakkersuisut is not allowed access to.

"A lack of information means that the actual distribution of value creation in and outside of Greenland, where the value creation in the foreign companies' part of the value chain is included, cannot be calculated, writes Minister for Finance on Greenland, Naaja H. Nathanielsen (IA) in the answer to Mariane Paviasen.