The tyranny of the elite

Greenlandic is dominated by the decisions of political rulers who seem to have set up a system that has robbed its society of its one true strength, a columnist writes.

- If Greenland wants a society that works properly, it needs to turn the current situation on its head, so that 80% of the economy is no longer controlled by “the political rulers”. The sooner the better, Michael Keldsen, a danish barrister writes in The Arctic Journal. Further he writes:

"There is not shortage of optimisitic rhetoric from members of the elite – the political rulers – about Greenland’s outlook as a mining economy or as an independenent country. But, in 35 years of taking care of itself politically, the country’s leaders have taken people’s initiative away, either through improperly prioritising how to spend public funds – both those that come in from Copenhagen and those the country earns itself – or though a failed language and educational policy that has left many young people capable of speaking only Greenlandic and which has left them unable to speak Danish or English."




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