The Third EA International Conference Is Currently Held in Tromsø

The 3rd International Conference on the Ecosystem Approach to Management in Arctic Large Marine Ecosystems is currently conducted at the Fram Center in Tromsø, Northern Norway.

The conference began on April 15th and will be concluded on April 18th.

The theme for the conference is Ecosystem-Based Management in a Rapidly Warming Arctic.

The organizing committee consists of the Arctic Council working groups PAME, AMAP, CAFF, and SDWG, as well as experts from Arctic Council member states, Permanent Participants, and Observer organizations ICES and WWF.

According to PAME's website, the conference aims to "exchange current lessons and best practices for the implementation of EBM [ecosystem-based management] in the Arctic and examine how these practices reflect the knowledge, the goals, the advice, and the voices of the people living in and from the Arctic. We explore pathways toward a future with a holistic perspective in managing the region's fast-changing marine ecosystem."