Newsletter: Steady through the Storm

Island oktober 2018. Regnbue.
Arctic businesses keep their eyes on the horizon, scouting for better times. (Photo: Iceland, october 2018. Trine Jonassen)

Dear HNN reader! The first week of May offers a contested index, The High North Tour and a young entrepreneur who wants to make a living of old traditions.

The recently published AERI index measures the petroleum and mining industries’ environmental responsibility. Though business insiders are sceptic and question the methods used.

Norskin produksjon av fiskeskinn. (Foto: Norskin)
Norskin produserer fiskeskinn og kaller seg et "moderne materiale av høy kvalitet, hentet fra det kalde, arktiske hav i Nord-Norge". (Foto: Norskin)
Norskin entrepreneur Michal Meyer Nilssen. (Photo: Norskin)

Norskin entrepreneur Michal Meyer Nilssen (29) follows in footprints of old when he launches fish skin for use in clothes and interior objects. “Fish skin is more durable, sustainable and climate friendly”, Nilssen says. He bases his company’s production on tradition and trade from the High North.

He is exactly the kind of people  we need in the High North, argues Director of the High North Center for Business and Governance Frode Mellemvik (Norwegian only).

The High North Tour rolls on

The High North Tour 2021, with Editor-in-Chief Arne O. Holm behind the wheel, is back on the road.

Arne O. Holm og bobilen. (Foto: Martin Losvik)
Arne O. Holm og bobilen. (Foto: Martin Losvik)
Arne O. Holm (Photo: Martin Losvik)

This week, we bring you the story about Scandinavia’s only metal printer, located in the proud possession of UiT Narvik.

On the Norwegian-Russian border in the High North we meet Anne Wikan, who was born and raised in the Pasvik Valley. Today, she is the station chief of Svanhovd research station, which has close cooperation with scientists on the Russian side of the border.


Norway and Sweden have different interpretations of a joint convention and do not agree. The disagreement has now become a drawn-out legal battle, and Swedish reindeer herders find themselves right in the middle of it all.

In other news, the Geldingadalur volcano in Iceland continues roaring and we congratulate Jan Mayen with its new station chief (both in Norwegian only).

An eventful week in the High North, as always. Do not forget to tip us about what you would like to read more about!

The HNN editorial staff wishes you all the best for the weekend!
Kind regards,
Trine Jonassen,
News Editor, High North News