SAR Helicopter Agreement in Greenland More Expensive than Planned

The Danish defense’s agreement with Air Greenland about SAR helicopters is far more expensive than originally planned, according to KNR. The helicopters are to be used in search and rescue (SAR) operations.

Air Greenland has signed an agreement with the Danish defense about supplying SAR helicopters to the Arctic Command, the police and other Danish authorities from 2021 to 2025. The agreement may be extended for a maximum of up to 2032.

In 2018, the Danish defense rejected a series of offers as the price was too high. The defense had budgeted DKK 400 million for the duration of the period, on average DKK 50 million per year.

The current agreement, however, has a net total of DKK 965 million, an average of more than DKK 80 million per year. The reason for this is a.o. that the helicopters included are brand new and better than the former, and also supply is more stable.