Newsletter: Russia's Massive Mobilization in the North

Last Wednesday, Russian MFA Sergei Lavrov and Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, India's Minister of External Affairs, met in Johannesburg. The ministers discussed, among other things, cooperation within BRICS and practical measures to expand the countries' cooperation in trade, finance, and logistics. (Photo: the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Dear reader. While Russia is clawing on to the war in Ukraine, HNN's research shows that the country is concurrently conducting a massive mobilization in the Arctic. This week, we also present the first parts of a wonderful series about life on the Arctic coast. And much more.

Norsk versjon.

Journalist Astri Edvardsen has deep-dived into Russia's plans for the Arctic, and we can now present a thorough review of Russia's international offense in the north. 

Moscow is leaving the door open for "effective work in the Arctic Council" - while continuously opening new doors for cooperation in the Arctic with states in the non-western world. 

HNN can also reveal that natural gas produced outside the Arctic has been sent along the Russian coast and the Northern Sea Route for the first time. 

And the research cooperation between Norway and Russia is one of the few joint platforms of collaboration that still exist after Russia's invasion of Ukraine almost two years ago. 

Life on the coast and education 

The coastal life in the Arctic is flourishing. Journalist Hilde Bye has taken to the road to meet people living and working along the Norwegian coast. You can now read the first parts of the "The Arctic Coastal Life" reportage series. 

Meet Johan (23), who is head of a fishing reception in Lofoten, and Kim-Roger (38), who was involved in a dramatic shipwreck. (Both in Norwegian) 

The low number of applicants for teacher training in Northern Norway may, in the long term, have serious consequences for students and the business world, according to a professor of education. (Norwegian)

Conversations around the dinner table 

In this week's commentary, Editor-in-Chief Arne O. Holm addresses the culture of greed that has moved into the Norwegian government. 

"Even in the government who promises that no one will be left behind," writes Holm and points to MFA Anniken Huitfeldt's (Labor) husband, who "at an almost dizzying pace has shopped for stocks in companies of which the MFA sits on what is called inside information." (Norwegian) 

Climate and defense 

"The era of global warming is over. The era of global boiling has arrived". 

The quote belongs to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and is part of an op-ed from the environmental organization Pacific Environment preceding the climate summit in India next week. 

You can also read the op-ed from the Labor mayoral candidate in Sør-Varanger, Northern Norway, about civilian settlement and military preparedness. (Norwegian)

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On behalf of the editorial staff, I wish you a wonderful weekend!

Best, News Editor Trine Jonassen