Plans For Joint Nordic Air Defense

The air force commanders of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland recently signed a letter of intent to form the basis of the development of joint Nordic air defense.

The ultimate goal is for the countries' air forces to be able to operate seamlessly together as one force through developing a Nordic concept for joint air operations by using NATO methods, according to the Danish Armed Forces.

Furthermore, the countries are in favor of closer cooperation in five areas:

  • Integrated command and control, as well as operative planning and execution
  • Flexible and resilient deployment of the air forces
  • Joint monitoring of air spaces
  • Joint education, training, and exercise – with an eye on the exercises Nordic Response and Arctic Challenge Exercise as important milestones

The letter of intent, Called the Nordic Air Commanders' Intent, was signed on the US's Ramstein Air Base in Germany. The US Air Force Commander in Europe was also present.