Planning Several International Military Exercises in Northern Finland

Finland's Minister of Defense, Antti Kaikkonen (C) has recently made decisions regarding Finnish participation in international exercise cooperation going forward –  and several military exercises in northern parts of the country with future allies are now on the agenda for 2023.

Among the planned multinational training activity in northern Finland is the local defense exercise Lokal Defence Exercise North in February, the sniper exercise Lightning Strike in May, and the army exercise Forest in June.

In June, the air defense exercise Arctic Challenge will also take place in Finland, Sweden, and Norway.

"Finland is actively participating in international exercise cooperation. This is happening in response to the deteriorating security situation and strengthens Finland's defense and improves readiness for joining NATO. Active exercise cooperation also promotes cooperation with the most important partner countries and strengthens regional security," says Kaikkonen.

In the coming years, the Finns will especially (further) develop their defense cooperation with Sweden, Norway, the USA, and Great Britain. With regard to the various military domains, Sweden is designated as the main partner in all fields – while the three latter countries are mentioned specifically when it comes to army cooperation.

In total, the Finnish Armed Forces' exercise plan for next year consists of 89 training and exercise events.