Parliamentary Committee Supports Andøya Spaceport: “Fantastic News”

Utsikt over Oksebåsen, hvor Andøya Space Center ligger. Foto: Hoyd / Wikimedia Commons.
View to Oksebåsen, where Andøya Space Center is located. Photo: Hoyd/Wikimedia Commons

“This is amazing news!”, says Tomas Norvoll (Labour), Nordland County Councilor, following the news that the Norwegian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Business and Industry unanimously supports the construction of Andøya Spaceport.

There is currently a “space race” going on in Europe in which many countries announce their interest in facilitating the launching of satellites and rockets into space. Andøya in Northern Norway has for many years played a natural part in the space industry development.

“Through the establishing of Andøya Spaceport it will claim its place as a key actor in this industry”, says a very happy Nordland County Councilor Tomas Norvoll (Labour) in a press statement.

Fylkesrådsleder i Nordland fylkeskommune, Tomas Norvoll. Foto: Peter Bakkemo Danilov
Happy: Nordland County Councilor Tomas Norvoll. Photo: Peter Bakkemo Danilov

Political opportunity

Norvoll believes letting this opportunity go would be a bad idea and is thus very pleased with he recent decision of the Committee, as it appears the future plans for Andøya may be realized.

“This is about high-competence jobs, it is about adding real value to the High North policy, and it is about taking a stand in an industry where Andøya has very special natural preconditions. And last, but not least, it is about continuing to build on a foundation that has been laid down over years in Andøya, says Councilor Norvoll.

Must come with money

Norvoll stresses that the funding for these plans should be found in the revised national budget, which the Storting, the Norwegian parliament, is to adopt in June.

“The opportunity is now. The Business and Industry Committee is serious about this, and that has to lead to funds being allocated now”, Tomas Norvoll says in closing.



This article was originally published in Norwegian and has been translated by HNN's Elisabeth Bergquist.