Norway and the USA Re-Negotiating Cold War Agreement

F-35 jagerfly
The USA and Norway are allegedly forcing long-lasting negotiations about renewing co-operation dating back to the Cold War, without anyone saying why. (Photo: Norwegian Armed Forces)

The Norwegian MoD confirms negotiations between Norway and the USA regarding a military agreement dating back to the Cold War.

Norwegian broadcaster NRK reports this.

In 1950, the USA and Norway entered into the weapons assistance agreement ‘Mutual Defense Assistance Agreement between Norway and the USA’. Now, press officer Lars Gjemble of the Norwegian Ministry of Defense confirms that work is underway to ‘modernize’ this agreement.

The MoD will not disclose why this agreement is being renegotiated now, nor say anything about the content of the negotiations.

“No date has been set for when the USA and Norway are to finish negotiations. It is currently too soon to say more about the process”, Lars Gjemble says to NRK.

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This article was originally published in Norwegian and has been translated by HNN's Elisabeth Bergquist.