Norway and Greenland Agreement on 2021 Quotas

The annual fish quota negotiations between Norway and Greenland could not take place as usual this year, due to the Corona crisis. Therefore, both parties agreed to continue all quotas on par with the current level. Norway and Greenland have also agreed to continue their good research cooperation.

Greenland’s quota in the Barents Sea is for 2021 set at 4,000 tons of cod, 900 tons of haddock and 450 tons of pollock. In addition, Greenland will have a quota of up to 250 tons of by-catch of other species.

The Norwegian cod quota in Greenland will be 1,350 tons and the halibut quota will be 30 tons.

The agreement also covers Greenland halibut, roundnose grenadier and a by-catch quota of other species.