Newsletter: The Nordics Unite

Fra operasjonen under Immediate Response i Norrbotten
From left: US Army Lt. Col. Robin Eskelson, who is commander of the American support unit based in Boden, Sweden, during the exercise "Immediate Response". On the right is Colonel Lars Karlsson, commander of the Northern Military Region who was responsible for the operation during "Immediate Response" in Sweden. (Photo: Jens Åkerlund / Försvarsmakten).

Dear reader. Norway wants greater state control of Svalbard, and the Nordics in NATO are coming together for a joint defense strategy. We have participated in a debate about whaling, and we have news about Russia. Here is the week as seen from the North.

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But first, some glitter and glam: 

Preparations have begun for the second Pan-ArcticVision in Greenland in October, and its organizers are now calling for contributions from ten Arctic artists. 

Fisheries and industry 

"Is whaling a dying industry?" was the topic when whaling was up for debate on Wednesday. (Norwegian only) 

There has also been good demand for Norwegian skrei this year, particularly in the Spanish market. (Norwegian only) 

The Swedish mining company Grangex has bought the Sydvaranger mine in Kirkenes, Northern Norway. (Norwegian only) 

Stopped by sanctions 

At the end of May, three Arctic conferences are combined to form the Arctic Congress in Northern Norway, but half of the Arctic will be absent as sanctions against Russia continue to restrict Arctic research cooperation.

Now, the EU is set to target the existing Russian production of liquefied natural gas for the first time as part of the upcoming 14th sanction package. 

Defense and sovereignty

A united Nordic region in NATO now join forces to lift the Nordic defense cooperation into a new era. 

Several hundred US soldiers and military vehicles have moved from Narvik to Finland through Northern Sweden for “Immediate Response 24”. 

The Norwegian government suggests NOK 125 million in financial electricity support to Longyearbyen in a revised state budget, and Norway will claim greater ownership of the energy supply on Svalbard.

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On behalf of the editorial staff, I wish you a great week. 

Best, Editor-in-Chief Trine Jonassen