Nominations Open For the 2024 Frederik Paulsen Award

The Frederik Paulsen Arctic Academic Action Award celebrates action-oriented scientific initiatives that serve to promote and raise awareness of promising projects which address climate change through concrete actions and plans.

The winning initiative receives EUR 100,000 and the opportunity to implement the project through the UArctic network.

We hope this award will encourage more action-based, collaborative research, and help bring creative ideas to fruition.

The Arctic Academic Action Award provides high-level recognition for innovative ideas that aspire to transform knowledge into action to help address the causes and impacts of climate change in the Arctic. Through this award it is hoped to bring together potential concepts for preventing, mitigating, adapting, and reversing Arctic climate change.

The cohort of award recipients will form a powerful group of leaders whose ideas will be fostered to develop and implement meaningful solutions and projects to address Arctic climate change.

The Award is given by Arctic Circle and University of the Arctic (UArctic).

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