No Money for Andøya Space Center

Utsikt over Oksebåsen, hvor Andøya Space Center ligger. Foto: Hoyd / Wikimedia Commons.
View over Oksebåsen, where Andøya Space Center is located. Photo: Hoyd / Wikimedia Commons

Nordland County Councillor Tomas Norvoll (Labor) says to NRK that he finds it disappointing and unfortunate that the government has not found funds to prioritize Andøya Spaceport.

Andøya Space Center receives no funding from the revised national budget for 2020.

Managing Director Odd Roger Enoksen of Andøya Space Center says to Norwegian broadcaster NRK that this is a race and that being in the lead will be of high significance.

According to Andøya Space Center, the planned NewSpace satellites scheduled to be launched into space can contribute to our being able to predict natural disasters at an earlier stage, contribute to more extensive and efficient earth observation, as well as investigating what happens with ocean currents when the climate changes on the planet.

The satellite launch base may provide more than 100 jobs when fully operational.

Andøya Spaceport is a subsidiary of Andøya Space Center and it is owned 90 percent by the Norwegian state, while the Kongsberg Group owns the remaining 10 percent of the shares.