No Longer Low Tension in the High North, Says NATO Secretary General

On Tuesday, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg visited the Nordic Council's session in Oslo. One of the topics was the security policy situation in the High North.

"We have always said that we have low tension in the high north. Unfortunately, that is no longer true, at least not in the same way. A consequence of the war in Ukraine is also increased tension in the High North. We have seen a significant Russian military buildup. In the wake of the war, the cooperation we have had in the North with Russia has been clearly weakened, reduced, and become partly non-existent in several areas. So what has happened in the rest of Europe has been mirrored in the North," says Stoltenberg.

"The High North is also the central link between North America and Europe. The supply lines cross the North Atlantic, so everything that happens there is absolutely crucial to the connections between North American and European allies. It has also led to NATO members building up capacities."

With Finland and Sweden as new members in the North, NATO's ability to have a presence in the High North is also strengthened, the Secretary General points out.

"Of the eight Arctic countries, seven will be NATO countries. NATO is present in the North and has increased its presence. We are there to show that the High North is not a place where NATO can be threatened or forced to do things that are against our interests."

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