No Large Cruise Ships in Iceland This Year

No large cruise ships are expected in Reykjavík this year and the number of cruise passengers is therefore lower than forecast at the start of the year, according to RUV Iceland. Next year looks set to be a record-breaking year, however, both for the number of cruise ships and the number of passengers.

At the start of this year, there were scheduled to be 198 cruise ship visits to Reykjavík in 2021, with 217,000 passengers. The pandemic has carried on longer than hoped and it is now believed 99 ships will visit with 71,000 passengers. According to the Faxaflóahafnir website, none of the 99 are considered large cruise ships (carrying over 2,000 passengers).

Most of the visits will be so-called expedition cruises with around 200 passengers. In most cases, the passengers will fly to Iceland and board the ship in Reykjavík while observing anti-contagion regulations.